Cuvee Soeur'Ise 33cl

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In the oak barrels brewers create a culture bed with lactobacilius. Through the narrow hole of the 'bariques' they roll 40kg cherries in 170L Enfant Terriple beer. 5 months time the yeast get to further digest all sugars and to let going the soft acidification. In the meanwhile the cherries slowly make their blood-red color and a delicious taste off. The result is a triple cherry pur sang.

Alcohol content: 8,5%

Additional information:

And then the name ... Cuvée family Brewery De Leite is a religious richer. The Cuvee Soeur'Ise was born. (Krieken = cherries). The brewers call their nun 'incomparable lead ingot "... They think she can deceive others ...

The label was designed by Tinus Vermeersch.

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