Book 'All Belgian Beers'

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The Belgians are proud of their beer and rightly so. This book is the third and updated edition of the iconic beer bible proves once more that Belgium continuous to live up its reputation as a beer country. The brewing of beer is interwoven with the country's culture and deeply rooted in tradition.

This beer catalogue features more than 1600 beers from both lager, industrial companies and smaller craft breweries, microbreweries or home breweries, as long as they are bottled and sold. The beers are described in 3 languages: english, dutch and french.

A fantastic beer catalogue, a must-have for every beer lover.


All items are delivered via Post NL. Postnl delivers worldwide in cooperation with partners such as usps, dpd,...
All beers are shipped in professional, DHL-approved, triple-walled cardboard boxes, where all bottles are separated from each other to prevent them from hitting against each other during transport
First of all, you should bear in mind that during transport the bottles might have been thrown around quite a bit and that it’s not a good idea to drink them immediately. We advise you to let the bottles rest in an upright position in a dark and cool place for at least 48 hours. This will allow the yeast to sink to the bottom of the bottle again, and it will also prevent an outburst of foam when you open them. Beers are best kept in an upright position (to make sure the yeast residue remains at the bottom) and in a dark and cool a cool place. (The ideal temperature is 10-12°C (50-55°F) and it is also important the temperature remains as stable as possible.) It is best to drink all beers before the expiry date mentioned on the bottle.  Some brewers, however, mention the bottling date rather than the expiry date on their bottles.
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