Arend Tripel 33cl

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Arend Tripel has a full, intense creamy sensation, a balanced combination of subtle hoppy bitterness and pleasant fruitiness. The full-bodied aftertaste turns this beer into a modern high fermented quality product.

Winner bronze medal  European Beer star ‘07.
Winner GOLD medal European beer star '08.

Alcohol content: 8%

Serving temperature: 5°C

Additional information:

In 1886, the brewery started under the name "Brewery Golden Eagle". Because of the enormous respect for her great-grandfather and founder, Gustaaf De Ryck, An decided to keep track of the new beers under the name "Eagle".

The name she has chosen is not only as a tribute to her grandfather.
The eagle is also a mythical bird and elegant as the king of the birds is seen in the skies. It is a character animal that protects her cubs at unprecedented levels and educates. It is also An her goal to introduce this character beers with the wide world.

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