We have noticed that a lot of women who are visiting our website are actually looking to buy a beer gift for their husband, boyfriend, father or brother. This blogpost is written especially for them, to help them make the right choice and surprise their men with a unique beer gift. 
So, here we are, you know that you husband or boyfriend is fond Belgian beer and you want buy him some as a gift. But there are literally hundreds of beers out there, where do you start? That actually depends on which kind of beer the man in your life likes. The Belgian beer fans can roughly be divided into three categories.
1. He is fond of one particular Belgian beer.
If he keeps mentioning one particular beer (let’s call it beer X), if he compares every beer he drinks to beer X, if he mentions beer X whenever there is a conversation is about beer, about Belgium or even about Europe. 
Well, then your job is very easy. Look no further for other beer gift ideas, but just get him that particular beer. Maybe in the form of a gift set, so that he has a nice glass with it as well, if he doesn’t have one already. This beer is all he wants, and if you get it for him, he will be happy.
2. He likes lambic beer
Although lambic beer makes up only a small part Belgium’s total beer production, it is one of our most popular beers abroad. There are blends of lambic beers with different ages (called ‘gueuze’) and lambic beers with fruits added (cherry beer, raspberry beer, peach beer …).
However, there is a catch in this category, and that is the acidity of the beer. Some beers in this category are very sour, while others are as sweet as fruit juice. If your husband or boyfriend likes the sour ones, by all means don’t get him the sweet one, and the other way around. But how do you know which type of lambic he likes?
He likes the sour lambic beers if:
- You once tasted his beer, and you pulled a face as if you just ate a lemon
- Names like ‘Cantillon’ and ‘3 Fonteinen’ sound familiar to you
- His beers are sealed with a cork rather than with a capsule (or they have both)
He likes sweet lambic beers if:
- None of rules above are true for him
Sour lambic is very popular in North-America and Scandinavia, we don’t want to stereotype but if you live there, the odds that he likes the sour lambic are higher.
Once you have determined which lambic category he likes, you still need to choose the right beer or beers.
Here are some names of sour lambic beers: Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen (these two are generally the preferred ones), Hanssens, Oud Beersel and Girardin. If he prefers the sweet fruit beers, you can choose from names like Lindemans, Timmermans, Liefmans, Boon and Jacobins.
Be careful though, some of the brewers of sweet beers have recently started brewing a sour version of their beer as well. It can be helpful to check the Kriek Sourness Test we did 6 months ago, where we classified some twenty beers according to their sourness. That test was made for Belgian cherry beer, but it is also valid for raspberry beer, peach beer or any other kind of lambic beer. The different fruit beers of one brewer usually have a similar degree of sourness.
3. He likes Belgian beer (and that’s it)
Although this is the vaguest hint to start from, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a hard time choosing the right beer gift. If your man likes Belgian beer in general, it also means that he will appreciate pretty much every Belgian beer that he receives.
In this case we would recommend getting him a selection of Trappist or abbey beers. These beers reflect the most typical flavor of Belgian beer and because their recipes have often survived for centuries, you can be sure that the beers will be of top quality.
I know that choosing beer gifts for men is not always simple, but I hope that his post will point you in the right direction and allow you get him a wonderful and unique beer gift that he will never forget. 
And if after reading this post you are still a bit puzzled, or you simply don’t have the time to go through all this, there is still the option of a beer gift card. This is a very simple E-Card with a unique code which will allow the man you are buying the gift for to choose his own beers from behind his computer and get them delivered to his doorstep. 

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