Abbey of RochfortBig panic at the Trappist Abbey of Rochefort. Nearby multinational Lhoist wants to deepen its limestone quarry by another 60 meters. But studies have shown that if they proceed with their plans, it would almost certainly dry up the source that the monks use to brew their world-famous Trappist beer.

It is not every day that monks openly fight with a neighboring company, but according to the monks it would mean the end of the Rochefort beer as we know it if Lhoist were allowed to go ahead with their plans.


The owners of the limestone quarry have already suggested a compromise where they would bear the costs of digging three new wells, who would then lead the water to the original source. According to the monks however, that water will not have the same taste as the water that they currently use and it would affect the taste of their famous Rochefort beer.

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