One of the most common questions we get from our customers is to recommend them certain beers. With the hot summer days around the corner, we thought it to be a good moment to recommend you 10 beers that are perfect on a hot summer day.


Whether you are having a barbecue, or just having a beer with your friends, the beers on this list will definitely impress your guests. We have opted for light and easily digestible beers, mostly from smaller and less known Belgian breweries, in order to let you really discover something new. Most of the beer in this list are at their best when served ice cold.

So, here we go (in no particular order):

1. Wolf 7 is a blond beer that is quickly gaining popularity in Belgium and abroad, but it is still quite unknown to most people. With its 7.4% ABV, it is amongst the stronger beers on this list. It has a very full and balanced flavor with a hoppy aftertaste.  Tastes excellent when served ice-cold.

2. Rose de Gambrinus: this beer by Brewery Cantillon is one the best raspberry beers in the world. Pour it slowly from the bottle and you will have a wonderful pink liquid with a very fine carbonation, which looks more like pink champagne than beer. This beer is only recommended for the people who don’t mind some sourness.

3. Blanche de Namur:  few things taste as good on a hot summer day as a fresh white beer. For those who are tired of the good old Hoegaarden, try this beer. It is a very refreshing beer, one of the best white beers out there.

4. Palm Hop Select: this beer was launched less than two months ago. It is a blond beer by Palm Breweries with a distinctive hoppy taste and an alcohol content of 6.0%. The hops for this beer are grown in the brewery’s own garden.

5. La Trappe Puur is a very light and organic trappist beer. It is a real-thirst quencher with only 4.7% ABV and a flavor close to that of a lager or pils beer.

6. Saison de Dottignies: Saison beers are the typical summer beers of the Province of Hainaut. These beers were traditionally served to the seasonal workers who came to work on the fields in summer. Saison beers have a dark blond to light amber color. Saison de Dottignies is one such beer by Brewery De Ranke.

7. Chimay Speciale Cent Cinquante is a limited edition that was launched in 2012 for the 150th Anniversary of the Trappist Abbey of Chimay. It is a full and complex beer, with a very distinctive citrus aroma. Unless you’ve been stocking this beer up, this might very well be the last summer that you can drink it. Don’t drink too much of this beer while you are sitting in the sun, because it has an alcohol content of 10%.

8. Troubadour Magma is an amber colored beer with the full flavor of a Belgian Tripel, but with the bitterness of an American IPA. The bitter hop flavor makes this a real thirst-quenching beer, but it is also quite strong (9.0%).

9. Kempisch Vuur Hoppergod is a real summer beer by Brewery Pirlot. A thirst-quenching blond beer with a predominantly hoppy flavor and an alcohol content of 6.0%.

10. Alpaide : Although dark beers are more for cold winter days, we have put one dark beer on our list for those who cannot get enough of them. Alpaide is a dark beer by micro-brewery Nieuwhuys that can compete in flavor with the best abbey and trappist ales.

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