Tumulus AuraLast week, De Kale Ridders (The Bald Knights) launched their latest beer; Tumulus Aura. This blond beer with an alcohol content of 5.5% is the brewers’ lightest beer so far. After the beers Tumulus Magna, Tumulus 800 and Tumulus Nera, this is the fourth beer in a row for this young brewery from the small town of Landen.


Tumulus Aura has been tested at different events under the name the name ‘Tumulus Experiment 5’, and the feedback was very positive. According to one of the brewers, Dominique Champagne, this beer is an answer to the demand from customers for a lighter beer; one that can be consumed in larger quantities and that can be served at Belgium’s numerous summer festivals. Although the beer undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle, it is very light. It can be put in the category of the stronger pils beers like Vedett, De Koninck, Carlsberg, etc. The difference with those beers is that Tumulus Aura has some of the typical Tumulus bitterness.

De Kale Ridders have only been brewing since 2007, but their story has been a real success. The distinctive beer bottles with a burial mound (also known as ‘tumulus’) as a logo have quickly become a familiar sight in many beer shops. And that their beers are appreciated by beers lovers was proven last year at the Brussels Beer Challenge, where their stout beer Tumulus Nera won the silver medal in its category.

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