It seems that the battle between Brewery Bosteels (Pauwels Kwak) and Brasserie d’Ebly (La Corne) is finally over. The two brewers had an ongoing argument for months about whether or not La Corne’s glass design was a breach of the patent of Kwak’s glass. Both glasses are held up by a wooden structure. The discussion rose of lot of interest from beer lovers in Belgium and abroad. It was a case of David versus Goliath. Brewery Bosteels, world famous for its beers Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet and Deus versus a small local brewer from the village of Ebly.
Kwak and La Corne glassThe whole argument turned into a legal case and both parties appeared in the Court of Antwerp at the end of last year. After a few weeks of reflection, the judge ruled that there was no breach of patent. The reasons for this decision being that there are enough differences between both glasses for the customer to clearly see the difference between both beers and glasses. It was still unclear if Brewery Bosteels was going to accept this verdict, but now it appears that they have. Both Gaetan from La Corne and some newspapers announced last Friday that Bosteels has accepted the judge’s verdict and will not appeal against it.
Now that the battle is over, both brewers can go back to what they do best, brew wonderful beer. For La Corne, it means that they can get started with the building of their own brewery in Ebly. For now, they still brew their beers (La Corne Blonde and La Corne Triple) at another brewery in Ath. And for the brand La Corne, whose full name is actually ‘La Corne du Bois des Pendus’, this case will have generated more publicity than any marketing campaign could have done.


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