"DE CAM" is an excellent geuze brewery.

On Saturday, June 7th, 1997 The Cam was officially opened by striking the first barrel and along with some 100 guests to taste the "Lambik De Cam".

Cam is located in buildings of the town Gooik, already in 1515 as "Lord Landcamme" is mentioned in the annals ("cam" is an old Dutch word for brewery). The town council made it a meeting of a popular café, an instrument museum, a carriage collection and a folk guild.

In the warehouse are 45 tons of wooden barrels of 1000 liters each, stacked two high. They come from the Czech brewery "Plzensky Pradroj" (Pilsner Urquell). Local coopers restored the barrels before they were shipped to Belgium and painted the head block, green, the color of "Plzensky" and now also of the Cam.

The young and old Lambic are often from different breweries, and therefore the Geuze can give his own accent by his own stabbed Geuze. After the lambic is cut it yeasts - thanks to the sugars in the young lambic - one to two years on cask or bottle. The final alcohol content of such Geuze is 5% to 6.5%, and the percentage of sugar (Old) Gueuze is less than 0.2%, which (Old) Geuze is drinkable without problems for diabetics.
It certainly pays to taste a Geuze or Kriek of De Cam.

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