Surprising news yesterday in most Belgian newspapers: two breweries, less than 15 km away from each other, both decided to change their name on the same day. Brewery Bavik from Bavikhove will change its name to ‘Brewery De Brabandere’ and Brewery Bockor from Bellegem will change its name to ‘Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste’. With this name change, both breweries want refer back to their long brewing tradition. 


bavik capUntil 1990, Brewery Bavik was already called ‘Brewery De Brabandere’ and the owners have now decided to go back the brewery’s roots and adopt the old name again. Albert Debrabandere, owner of the brewery explains: “A study showed that we needed a new image. That is why we have decided to return to our roots and choose a name that reflects our values: authenticity, regional involvement and a traditional brewing process”.


The name Bavik won’t disappear totally. The brand name will still be used for the pils beer, which is still the brewery’s flagship beer. The brewery will also launch a new exclusive specialty beer called ‘1894’, which refers to the year in which the brewery, now run by the fifth generation, was founded.


Other important news is that they will probably reduce the number of beers that they produce. “That same study showed that we have too many beers in our product range. The production of Wulps Blondje has already been stopped and we also consider reducing the number of Petrus beers.” Besides these beers, the brewery produces amongst other the beers Wittekerke and Kwaremont, as well as soda and wine.


omer beerOn the same day, Brewery Bockor announced a name change of their own: they will start using the name ‘Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste’ again. A name that refers to the founding father of the brewery, and that was already in use from 1892 until 1977. 


Whereas the name change for Bavik came somewhat as a surprise, Bockor’s name change could have been expected. Their most recent, award-winning blonde beer ‘Omer’ already referred to the same Omer Vande Ghinste, and their old brown beer underwent a name change from ‘Bellegems Bruin’ to ‘Vander Ghinste Oud Bruin’ some two years ago. The name of the pils beer Bockor will remain unchanged though. 


This name change will be followed by a new logo and a new style; both will be announced later this year.


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