Our Story

Belgian Beerz is a webshop that sells and ships Belgian beers all over the world. We are based in the heart of Belgium (Leuven), only a stonethrow away from the Stella-Artois brewery. 
The shop was founded in September 2012 by Lode Devlieghere, who decided to turn his hobby into his profession: “When I studied abroad, one of the things that I missed most were the Belgian beers. In the small Italian town of Perugia where I was staying, all I could find was some Jupiler, some Grimbergen and Leffe. I would have done anything to find a shop who could deliver my favorite beers to my small student apartment. Now, ten years later, I own such a shop, and I prepare the beer boxes as if they were for myself, with top quality packing material. My aim is to give anyone, anywhere in the world access to Belgian beer at reasonable prices and delivered to their doorstep. From a beer lover, for other beers lovers.” 
Our aim is to provide beer lovers all over the world with a large selection of Belgian beers at a good price and with top quality service. Our webshop is hosted on the Shopify platform, allowing you to make 100% secure payments with the payment method of your choice. All data are SSL-protected. 
We realise that, due to the nature of our business, shipping costs can be quite high. Especially so for customers outside Europe. That is why we are working together with TNT to provide customers in each country with on-time shipments at the best possible priceThis is how one of our shipments looks like. 
You can find more information on how we work exactly on our shipping page and in our FAQ. If, after having read these pages, you still have questions, feel free to contact us at contact@belgianbeerz.com .
Cheers ! 
Our company’s legal data :
Lode Devlieghere, Kapucijnenvoer 124 / 401, 3000 Leuven (Belgium)
VAT Nr : BE 0863.220.222