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Some Belgian beer styles are so unique that there exist only a few beers of each kind. We have assembled all those beers in this collection ‘other beers’.

This category contains a lot of fruit beers that are based on a blond or a dark beer. Most of Belgium’s fruit beers are based on lambic or white beer, so this category contains all the other ones. The best known example is the Mongozo beer, which is available in several exotic flavors like banana, palm nut and mango. Other beers are Delirium Red, a fruity version of the famous Delirium Tremens and Bush Peche Mel, a blonde Bush beer with added peach.

Another category of beers are the honey beers. These beers contain some honey, but they are not too sweet as one might expect. The most famous honey beer is without a doubt the Barbar beer. Others that you will find here are:  a bokbeer, a cookie beer and beers that are mixes between two different styles.