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Lambic Beers - Gueuze

Lambic beer is probably the oldest, still-used, beer style in Belgium. Historically the spontaneous fermentation beer is only brewed in and around Brussels. Now that this beer style has become so popular (there are several lambic beers) in Ratebeer’s annual top-50, more and more brewers attempt to brew this beer in other locations as well.

There are two phases to creating gueuze beer. The first one is the brewing phase, where a lambic beers is brewed. In the second phase, lambic beer from different ages (usually from 6 months to 3 years) and from different barrels are blended together to create the perfect gueuze.

The best known gueuze beers are, without a doubt, the ones from Cantillon and from 3 Fonteinen. These two breweries are widely recognized as true authorities in their field. Other gueuze beers that deserve a mention are Tilquin Gueuze a l’ancienne, the only Wallonian gueuze and Timmermans Oude Gueuze.


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