Blonde Beers

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Belgium has many wonderful blonde beers that do not are not linked to any abbey. These beers are the result of a brewing tradition that is hundred years old. This is the largest section of our shop, and it contains over 150 different beers. The best known blonde beer in this category is without a doubt the Duvel beer. This beer, a golden ale, is unique in its kind. Every year, a special Duvel beer, called ‘Duvel Tripel Hop’ is brewed. This Tripel Hop version contains a third kind of hop and it has a unique and different flavor every year.
Other beers in this category that are worth mentioning are La Chouffe, a wonderful beer with its origins in a small village in the Ardennes; Delirium tremens, a beer by brewery Huyghe that has won numerous international prizes; Brugse Zot by brewery De Halve Maan ; Seefbier, a traditional blonde beer from the city of Antwerp and Cuvee des Trolls, which is very popular amongst young people.

Besides those famous breweries, you will also find numerous beers from some of Belgium’s smaller and micro-breweries. Some beers that we can definitely recommend are the blonde Troubadour beer, Arabier by de Dolle Brouwers and Jambe de Bois by Brasserie de la Senne.