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Belgium has a very long tradition when it comes to abbey beers. For centuries, monks have been brewing beer for themselves and for the towns and villages around their abbey. Lately, more and more abbeys have stopped brewing the beers themselves, and they have outsourced the brewing process to a nearby brewery that uses the same authentic recipe the monks have been using for centuries.

Of the hundreds of Belgian abbey beers, the most famous one by far is the Leffe beer. Leffe is available in no less than 7 different flavors: Leffe Blonde, Leffe Brown, Leffe Triple, Leffe Radieuse, Leffe Ruby, Leffe 9° and Leffe Royale. Another beer that is renowned all over the world is the Grimbergen beer. It is available in five different flavors: Grimbergen Blonde, Grimbergen Double, Grimbergen Tripel, Grimbergen Goud and their latest beer Grimbergen Optimo Bruno. 

But Belgium has many other great abbey beers than just those two. In our large collection, you will find amongst other St. Bernardus, Affligem beer, Tripel Karmeliet, Maredsous beer, Ename beer, Ciney beer and many, many more. For your convenience we have classified our abbey beers in three collections: blond abbey beers, dark abbey beers (contains both the ‘double’ as the ‘quadruple’ beers) and triple abbey beers.